About Us

In Illinois, Nuts 4 Donuts was the shop that sold warm doughnuts to construction workers on bitterly cold mornings. In the United Kingdom, it was a destination so threatening to Krispy Kreme's business that the international brand bought it out — or so says founder Larry Werdeniuk. 

And now Werdeniuk has brought Nuts 4 Donuts to San Carlos Park. 

The shop opened in late July and offers doughnuts for $1.25, with Long Johns and fritters for $1.50. Muffins are priced at $2.

"I don't like when people start price gouging, selling a doughnut for $3," Werdeniuk said. "Because we're kid friendly, I want the parents to come in and spend $6 and get half a dozen doughnuts."

Nuts 4 Donuts also sets itself apart with unique flavors. The shop mixes up its toppings each day, offering everything from Oreo cookie to German chocolate to doughnuts flavored with RumChata liqueur — treats for kids and adults alike.


Who owns the place?

Werdeniuk owns and operates the business with the help of his brother, Bobby Van Hoose, and two others.

Originally from Palatine, Illinois, Werdeniuk led his brother into the doughnut world after Van Hoose started working for a baker in the seventh grade.

"They taught him how to bake doughnuts and I said, 'Well, hey, listen, why don't you and me open up a doughnut shop in the Palatine train station?'" Werdeniuk said.

The two did just that. They named their shop 'The Donut Depot.' They operated the business for a while but ultimately sold the location.

Eight years ago, or so, a Polish friend moving back to Europe called Werdeniuk and told him there were only a handful of doughnut shops operating in England. He flew overseas and found a location in Nottingham, a block from a professional soccer stadium and across the street from a double-decker bus terminal.